transport between
Norway and Germany

Daily route
Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger

Several times a week
between Norway and EU

Contact Germany

Rocco Ricks      Language: german,norwegian english


Contact Norway

Stian Berge      Language: norwegian, danish, english

+47 466 14 277 stian@kallebergtransport.no

Why us? 8 good reasons

Who gives their valuable freight to the hands of strangers?

We know how much trust transport requires - and how we can justify this trust. We therefore meet eight criteria when doing our work:

1. High flexibility:

We transport partial and complete lots by land and by sea. We also work on weekends and holidays. Often within 24 hours.

2. No rushed accepted orders:

We do not make any empty promises. That is because we can only accept orders for which we can also meet the deadlines.

3. For the sake of the environment:

Our lorries meet the Euro-6 standard, our trailers have a double lift axis – for less emissions of contaminants.

4. Optimum trailers for your needs:

Does your freight have to be loaded from the side or from the top? In a case or a container? We have the suitable means of transport.

5. All from one source:

We organise the entire transport including customs handling. You benefit from having a regular contact person.

6. Double crew:

Tired drivers? We don't have that. We always staff our lorries and sprinters with two people for longer tours.

7. GPS monitoring:

Would you like to know where your freight is located now? You can have a perspective of everything with our GPS-supported vehicles.

8. 24h service:

If you have questions or other issues you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use our English hotline for this purpose at +491724269093.