transport between
Norway and Germany

Daily route
Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger

Several times a week
between Norway and EU

Contact Germany

Rocco Ricks      Language: german,norwegian english


Contact Norway

Stian Berge      Language: norwegian, danish, english

+47 466 14 277 stian@kallebergtransport.no

Your requests – our routes

Daily routes between Germany and Norway:

Should your freight travel on quick and secure routes? We are happy to transport your full or partial lots – e.g. for the automobile, food, machine engineering or oil industry.

Daily routes within Norway:

Our lorries travel a loop between Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger 7 days a week.

Weekly routes between the EU and Norway:

Let your freight be transported easily – no matter which EU country is your start or target point.

Weekly shipping by sea:

Would you like to transport large quantities at an affordable price? Our ship transports between Germany and Norway make it possible.

Express transports:

Are you in a hurry? We know (and can handle) time pressure. Feel free to give us a transport task which must reach its destination within 24 hours.

Please talk to us about your wishes.